MOM's reply to Jade Rasif is the right way to deal with a mistake

The Ministry of Manpower (MoM) initially said Jade Rasif's Facebook post of her maid Stay-Home notice was inaccurate. After a few exchanges between Jade Rasif and the MoM, MoM came out in public apologizing to Jade Rasif for saying her account of maid's Covid-19 scare was 'inaccurate'. 

It turns out the MoM had made a mistake in dealing with the matter, and quickly apologized for how the issue was handled. I can think of many Government Departments or even Companies who would not be as forth coming as the MoM in handling such a matter. 

This also reminds me of how we handle our customers when reciving negative feedback about our cleaning service. We are always open, get to the facts of the matter, if it turns out we made a genuine well-intended mistake, we quickly made good by admitting our mistake, and we work fast to win back the customers trust by issuing a free cleaning or discount on future purchases. 

No one is saying we should be perfect, but I think it shows alot about the humility of our team and our company culture in how we handle feedback, especially the negative sort.